About Me



Greeting Mortals!

My name is Tes, but you can call me Duchess.
My life is black and sparkly chaos. I tend to have the worst luck and the most insane experiences. I deal with it all while kicking chronic illness and mental health in the face. This blog was started to document the insanity that is my “normal” and share my stories with those on the same path as me to help motivate and inspire them to keep fighting! Writing and photography is definitely my outlet, and it brings me so much happiness!

The Down and Dirty about me

I’m a Mom. img_4632.jpg
I have a 7y/o Mini Demon who is 100% boy to the core, which means he’s nothing more than noise covered in dirt. I have a Hellhound named Monroe (who I call my Velvet House Elf) she is my partner in crime and velvety cuddle buddy! We found her in a dumpster when she could fit in my hand, now we find her on the couch under all the blankets.

IMG_3305I’m a Marine Veteran and currently serve the Thin Blue Line Community. 

I sneak this in some of my posts. I try not to make this what matters in my posts. Am I a Veteran? Yes. Do I have a really kickass job supporting the Thin Blue Line? Yep! Do I need to make that the center of my world or blog posts? Nope. Does it change any of the messages I am trying to share or get across? Not even slightly.

I’m a heart patient. 17424962_430641690615204_4005804853538115830_n
I have a full RBBB and pretty consistent “heart failure” that isn’t really heart failure. (No one knows what to call it!) I am being seen at the #1 heart clinic in the United States to try and figure out what my heart is doing (and I’m also battling the VA to acknowledge and treat it). I spend a lot of time in the ER hooked up to cords and such…it’s a good time.

sugar-spoon-151I’m a Spoonie.

If you didn’t know, a spoonie is someone who deals with Chronic Illness. I kick Fibromyalgia’s butt. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia early 2016, and have been on a journey of learning to live with it while not having to sacrifice my passions in the process.

Im a Mental Health Warriorsemicolon.png
I have been diagnosed with Trauma caused Cyclothymia (“trauma” which doctors identified as prolonged periods of stress, which we can fairly assume came from my deployment cycles and such). If you’re too lazy to click the link above, Cyclothymia is a rare-ish mood imbalance. No, it’s not bipolar.  Yes, It does “require” medication. I struggle with depression and anxiety thanks to my Cyclo as well. Since brain studies haven’t advanced to proving or understand the claims of “chemical imbalances” the best I can do is maintain my overall wellness and mindfulness.  I also have issues with “neuro-flexibility” aka I suck at resilient coping aka I don’t handle stress like most. (read this cool advance in imaging for it!).  I mention it from time to time, but I am a suicide survivor. I am currently the best I have been since 2012, and am thrilled to be at this place in my life.