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Love on Contact

After YEARS of envying people who are able to wear crazy costume contacts, I finally just sucked it up and got a pair…only have them in for picture purposes.

21687729_522010588144980_9100407988630931562_nAll of October I go all out for halloween and the only thing my costumes are always missing is my eyes. (I have a super severe astigmatism and was even turned down for eye surgery so I’m shit out of luck). They don’t make costume lenses in the BC & Diameter I need. The only thing I could do was what every other human did before the FDA put a regulation on them; I got a generic pair as close to my actual eyes as possible. (I need 14.4/8.4  for one eye and 14.6/8.8 for the other…most contacts come in 14.5/8.6)

Before you lecture me on how it’s illegal or dangerous. Im aware of the risks. Illegal? I’m not quite sure about that, maybe selling them without a prescription is the illegal part? I have no idea seeing as most states that have halloween stores or “alternative/goth” stores have these in cases you can just pick from.

Let the record show though: I haven’t left  them in longer than a hour since getting them. I was so excited to finally have got a pair, I put them in for pictures than took them out. The goal of these is to use them with  my costume for a couple of pictures and call it a day- not to wear for 12+ hours or everyday all day.


If could get the Manson ones I’m wearing in the picture or ones like these ones, which I like more, in my prescription I would be the happiest demon ever! Alas, I’m screwed and cant. My whole life, literally since pre-school, my eyes have been a problem, embarrassment, and just pain in the ass but this takes the cake for sure. I love how I look with them in and truly am happier than words to see them in a picture!


A poor fit on a cosmetic contact lens can cause serious eye damage including scratches on the cornea, corneal infection, pink eye, decreased vision and blindness, according to information on the FDA’s website.

I have been wearing contact lenses for almost 15 years now. I understand care, inserting and removing procedures, and what is “normal” for my eye to feel like. I am aware of warning signs and the dangers of placing these in my eye even if just for pictures.

DO NOT get contacts lenses without a prescription. Take the time to go to your doctor, get your prescription and order them online with the correct measurements. The cost of an eye appointment is far less than the cost of eye repair or blindness.


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