Coffee & Chaos

Coffee & Chaos

My Monday Morning started off on the absolute wrong foot! Slept horribly last night, woke up and by the time I got Mini Demon to the bus we nearly missed it. Following that was work and stress, and it was just an insane morning! Plus side is, it’s the start of a new week!

CoffeeANDChaos2 (3)This Mornings Coffee
Coffee Shop brand K Cup with 2 scoops of sugar

Monday Mindfulness
On the Fritz! Feeling a little like I’m going haywire!

This Weeks Intentions
To remember to breathe!!

This Weeks Goal
– Complete all of the stuff needed for the new house
– Browse furniture for the new house
– Drive as much as possible!

I would love to hear about your intentions and goals this week- even just your Monday mindfulness! Pingback to my Coffee & Chaos page, or this post so I can see it!


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