Anticipation! (Bobby Mackey’s)

Tonight is the night! In just a few short hours, I will be setting foot in the number 3 of my top 5 places to ghost hunt- Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Rumored to be one the most haunted places in the world- Bobby Mackey’s img_6221dark history leaves this Northern Kentucky Country Bar open to spirits that are said to come from the deepest places of hell. Bobby Mackey’s Music World is famous for having the “Portal to Hell”- a well once used for discarding remains from the animals at the slaughterhouse that stood there in 1850. Once it closed in 1890 it’s said that Satanic cults used the basement for rituals and the well to discard of sacrificed bodies which is what leads the horrible entities rumored to come from the “portal”.

I have waited so long to finally get to set foot into Bobby Mackey’s. I’m not sure if I’m more excited or scared. I am what some would consider to be clairsentient. That being said, the darkness in this place is concerning to me. I have never been so overwhelmed in a place that I cannot think or function. I have never been made so ill that I cannot continue. I have never been so overcome that I am no longer thinking or acting as myself. However- I have heard stories and see footage of people, very mentally strong people, who have. Bobby Mackey’s I feel may very well test my limits. I am excited, and I cannot wait to get my footage and experience up tomorrow for you all to see!

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